Kitchen Hygiene Tips When Preparing Food

There’s certainly one fundamental you don’t want to omit when preparing food – and that is avoiding kitchen hygiene. Whether you are at home or at your restaurant business, it is significant to always be cautious and exercise cleanliness best practices. There are a...
Food and Identity

Food and Identity

Food and Identity Most people have childhood memories of food outlets; your favorite restaurant, or perhaps a market where vendors sold the most delicious and luscious fruits for free. Healthy food, local sourcing, cultural preferences and activities, festivals,...
URGENT NOTIFICATION - 19 MARCH 2020What Steps We Are Taking to deal with Corona Virus Challenge

Dear Customers

In an effort to ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of all our patrons and staff during this delicate time, as well as remain compliant with Government regulations issued,  we would like to reassure all that Jaipur Palace is implementing stringent measures including the following:

  • WHOLE FACILITY SANITATION:  Stricter measures on hygiene and sanitation at all levels are in full force and specific members of staff have been appointed to exclusively address these requirements.
  • "A la carte' ONLY POLICY" IN MAIN RESTAURANT:  As of the 19 March 2020, we are no longer serving common buffets until further notice.  This is in an effort to prevent any form of cross-contamination caused by groups of people filling the buffet serving area.
  • TAKEAWAY OPEN FROM 10AM TO 9PM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY:  You can call us to place your order or if you prefer, remain seated in your car and request for assistance.  One of our staff will assist with processing the order and bringing your food to your vehicle.
  • MR D DELIVERY:  We encourage those in the serviceable area to order using the app.
  • BAR:  Open till 6pm Tuesday to Friday; Open till 1pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Thanking You,

Jaipur Management